INDARE Activities

1- DAta REscue (DARE) Assist the NMHSs in identifying and locating original records and ensuring their imaging/scanning, digitizing and preservation in an accelerated manner - this will be done in conjunction with ACRE, ICA&D, IEDRO, ISTI, HISTOR and SASSCAL, and other initiatives 2- Climate Data Management Systems Assist and guide NMHSs in using the WMO data management best practices, based on the newly established specifications of the Climate Data Management System (CDMS), as a framework for the modernization of climate data management infrastructure of the Indian Ocean rim countries and islands (Appendix A). This should be performed through the following four steps: Step1 Diagnose existing systems, needs and gaps for CDMS Step2 Develop and carry out country-based projects for implementing and operating modern CDMSs based on WMO specifications Step3 Support the JCOMM-IODE-Marine Climate Data System by contributing marine data (atmosphere and ocean) Step4 Support the establishment of Centers of Marine-Meteorological and Oceanographic Climate Data (CMOCs)


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